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Hundreds of leading mobile apps and sites want to reward you for your loyalty. Earn gift cards, store merchandise and give back to charity -- all from within your favorite apps.

Download our mPLUS Places app to earn points at home and on the go!

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Tap on the app/site's rewards icon or find mPLUS Rewards in the settings. Register for an account to earn mPLUS Rewards across our partners.


Collect mPLUS Rewards for daily activities in your favorite apps — like tracking a run, adding a movie to your watch list or checking the weather.


Redeem your mPLUS Rewards for gift cards from major retailers like and Best Buy. Or use them for contest entries or to donate to charity.

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mPLUS Rewards are universal and travel with you between apps!
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What do they have to say?

I love the accountability and motivation it gives me. A free gift card every so often for doing something I already do is great! It's so easy to use and I love the improved look of it.

Jessica B., IN

A good variety of apps and some of them have me hooked. Thank you mPOINTS for introducing me to these apps.


Great program. I get points for doing the things I normally do anyway. Adds a little spice to my normal activities.

Todd D., SC